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If in danger, use the EXIT NOW button to escape quickly.

How to Protect Your Child

  • Be calm and confident when speaking with your child.
  • Let your child know you are there for them and always want to protect them.
  • Teach your child about their body parts that are private. Let them know to come to you if anyone tries to touch or see those parts.
  • Allow time for the child to process and ask you questions.
  • Have your child identify 5 safe adults they can talk to if someone ever makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Make talking with your child about personal safety an ongoing dialogue rather than a single conversation.
    • Pay Attention and Ask Questions
      • It’s important not to interrogate children. Ask simple, open ended questions in a calm voice. “Has anyone ever made you feel uncomfortable or scared? Has anyone asked you to keep a secret or not to tell about something?”
      • Watch for changes in your child’s behavior. If your child is reluctant to go certain places or to be with certain people, ask questions.
      • Notice their behavior after spending time with another adult or child.
    • Please do not interview children or contact the alleged offender. Report your suspicions and let the appropriate authorities investigate.

To make a report of known or suspected abuse, call 911 and 1-855-GACHILD immediately.

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Trafficking Hotline – 1-866-END-HTGA (363-4842)

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